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    The preliminary landscaping for a townhouse development digs up years of secrets.  Secrets that one person wishes they would go away.  The more the digging crew goes, the more bodies start appearing.

    After six young girls are recovered in Chisago Marsh in various states of decomposition,  Lake County Sheriff, Ray Dunning, calls in for more help.  His friends from their "Eye of the Owl," Las Vegas detective agency fly in for what they think will be a routine murder case, but ends up nothing what they expected.

    Printed books of "Chisago Creek" will available through this website, at "Sweet Reads" bookstore in Austin, Minn., and also through Amazon.




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            Look for "Chisago Creek," coming to print later in January 2017.  Printed copies 

        can be ordered from this website, Amazon or Sweet Reads in Austin, Minn. later

        in January.


             In 2017 I will take a switch from fiction and start a book called, "Silent Warrior."

        It will be a tribute to my Dad, Raymond Kubicek, and will tell the story about his 

        heroics during WWII that led to him being awarded the Bronze Star.  It is my hope

        that the book also is a tribute for all the soldiers in WWII and their love ones who

        all sacrificed so much so we can be free.


When in Austin be sure to visit my favorite bookstore,
"Sweet Reads," located on Main Street, across from the
new Spam Museum.



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My first book, "Flashdrive," is sold out and will not be available until the second edition print is released.   There are only a few copies of "Hoodoos" left in print so order fast!

 Each of my books stand alone so they are not series  that you have to read in order.  The same main characters are involved in all of the stories with added characters and different locales.  Most take place in Minnesota, Utah, and Nevada, because that's where I've lived and worked.

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