Dan Allex mysteries

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 _"FLASHDRIVE" has sold out!

Welcome to Dan Allex mysteries!  We hope you find everything you need!  For printed books visit our webstore.  For Kindle downloads there is a link on the "Meet the Author" page that is next.  If you have another e-book device like Nook, your I-phone or just your computer with a reader program click the Smashwords link below.

My next book "Eye Of The Owl" is available now as an e-book through Kindle, Nook, i-books and other e-book libraries.

My first book, "Flashdrive," is sold out and will not be available until the second edition print comes out this summer.  There are only a few copies of "Hoodoos" left in print so order fast!

Thanks for visiting my website.  Dan Allex (Kubicek)

Welcome to Dan Allex mysteries.  Enjoy the first of a series of mysteries that feature retired sheriff Dave Johnson and his wife Jan.  Follow their adventures along with their friends Willard and agent Roberts as they cleverly solve a series of robberies and murders that take place in the Midwest.  Click on the button below and follow the link to www.smashwords.com to download your version of the first in the series  "Flashdrive," or Dan's other four books.  If you have a Kindle, all five books will pop up on your Kindle library and you can pull it up directly...same with Nook or i-phones.

Go further into this website for information on "Hoodoos," "Cedar Breaks," and "Rainy River Wrong" and "Eye of the Owl."  Don't forget the web store for printed versions.

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