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"Silent Warrior"                 coming in 2019 

A tribute to my parents and all those that served in World War II. This is a thanks to their heroic efforts and the story of how my dad received the Bronze Star.

The story starts in 1939 at my dad's high school graduation and compares what is happening at the same time in Europe. 

This is my first attempt at writing historical fiction. Most of my facts are from my parents and the memetos they have kept in scrap books, pictures, and journals. 

Along with the horrors of war is a parallel love story that unfolds when my parents talk about their blossoming relationship that grows over the years.

It has been a delight to delve into everyday life as it existed almost eighty years ago. I hope to show how the simplicity of life then offers something that all of us can appreciate and even learn from.

"FLASHDRIVE" was the story that started it all.

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When ex-sheriff, Dave Johnson, finds a semi-submerged boat on his favorite lake the vessel is carrying a murdered corpse.

The plot has some unique twists that make you looking forward to each chapter.

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 Each of my books stand alone so they are not series  that you have to read in order.  The same main characters are involved in all of the stories with added characters and different locales.  Most take place in Minnesota, Utah, and Nevada, because that's where I've lived and worked.

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