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Nothing frustrated Emery Winston more than watching his friends and co-workers being threatened. It was time to take the fight to the source. Although it meant fighting on foreign soil, he had the backing of some powerful allies who would hopefully give him the edge he needed to even the score. This fast moving mystery will keep your interest and have you wishing you could join in!

Welcome to Dan Allex mysteries!  We hope you find everything you need!  For printed books visit our webstore.  For e-book downloads there is a link below.  

Each of my books stand alone, they are not a series that you have to read in order.  The same main characters are involved in most of the stories which tend to take place in Minnesota, Utah, and Nevada, because that's where I've lived and worked. 

What makes my books different from others? What I try to do with each story is first of all: make them interesting and keep them with enough suspense to make the reader want to turn the next page. I like to read books that don't have so many characters that you have to page back to remember who the person was. Humor is vital in my books so that I can smile while I spin a yarn. I like the reader to get to know my characters personally, become friends. I want to have the reader share in each of their successes.

As you read you will get to know Dave Johnson, retired County Sheriff of Lake County, Minnesota. Also his friend, Willard Olson, semi-retired pharmacist and part-time sleuth. You will become acquainted with the women in their lives, their neighbors, and work associates. Character development is something I enjoy.

I keep the length of my books in the 50K to 65K words which means that you can comfortably read them in a weekend or so. No matter how much you like a book you don't want to spend week after week with it, you want to solve the mystery and move on.

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Coming soon in Summer of 2021!

      "Over The Hump"

The Pahrump winery mystery takes place in small town in Nevada. Where once only wild mustangs romped, a vineyard thrived only after years of work and sweat. More is flowing than the wine at the quaint winery. One murder was only the beginning... 


The story that started it all.

When ex-sheriff, Dave Johnson, finds a semi-submerged boat on his favorite lake the vessel is carrying a murdered corpse.

The plot has some unique twists that make you looking forward to each chapter.

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